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5 things july 32

Deductions That Make Tax Time Less Taxing

Tax time is here again and as a homeowner, several deductible expenses can reduce your total taxable income. There are generally two types of deductions. “Standard deductions,” are based on a myriad of factors like filing status, age, and familial…

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5 things july 27

Selling Strategies with a Great Impact

Every seller hopes their home will attract the most qualified buyers and sell for the highest price. Strategies like those below make a great impact and may yield higher proceeds. Updated Kitchens: The kitchen is often considered the heart of…

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5 things july 11

Real Estate Facts and Fiction

The real estate market can be uncertain and unpredictable, and there is often a lot of real estate “fiction” out there. Below we help separate fiction from the REAL estate facts. Fiction: Real Estate transactions are down because buyers’ interest…

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5 things july 5

Selecting the Right Agent

Selecting the right agent is vital to a successful sale. Choosing the wrong agent can have several negative consequences, deterring your moving plans & costing you time and money. A skilled real estate agent will effectively market your home for…

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