Listing Your Home During the Holiday Season

Should you list a home in November or December? As the holidays approach, some homeowners wonder if this is a good time to list a home. The answer is “YES!” With increased travel and an influx of holiday visitors everywhere, late fall / early winter can be a great time to showcase your home.

  1. Stage your home for the holidays. Use decorations that will accent your home’s best features. Think clean, cozy, and inviting holiday décor. It is best to use general fall and winter decorations.
  2. Let the exterior of your home showcase holiday magic but avoid covering large stretches of the property and home. Visitors to your neighborhood will spread the word about the lovely home for sale!
  3. During the holidays much of the country experiences lower temperatures, shorter days, and snow. Clear pathways, eliminate icicles, and make sure the property is safe for homebuyer’s visits. Don’t forget to keep your home well-lit, inside & out, to prevent a dreary feel.
  4. Professional photography goes a long way when it comes to showcasing your home. Many shoppers begin their search online. Take photos before the snow falls or before you decorate, so as not to timestamp your home. Drone photos of acreage and special amenities can make your home stand out over other listings online.
  5. Price your home competitively. This is true for all seasons. Use strategic price points. If your home looks like all the other homes on the block with similar features, competitive pricing will help your home to stand out over your rivals.

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