Real Estate Facts and Fiction

The real estate market can be uncertain and unpredictable, and there is often a lot of real estate “fiction” out there. Below we help separate fiction from the REAL estate facts.

  1. Fiction: Real Estate transactions are down because buyers’ interest is down.
    Fact: Buyer’s interest and demand are still very high, though transactions are currently down due to low inventory.
  2. Fiction: I didn’t list my home in the Spring, so now I have to wait until next Spring.
    Fact: Spring is not the only time to list. The global pandemic, rising interest rates, and other economic influences have changed real estate market dynamics, making the “spring selling season” less of a factor.
  3. Fiction: It costs too much to buy a home today, so buyers will wait for the market to crash.
    Fact: Most experts agree a housing crash is very unlikely. Home prices reflect the lack of supply and the high demand for new and existing housing.
  4. Fiction: You should list your home with a “Super Agent”.
    Fact: Many top agents have groups of agents with varying skill levels who represent their “team.” You may never hear from the “Super Agent” again once you list with them and they delegate the tasks of selling your home to their team members & assistants.
  5. Fiction: When selling, you should set a higher list price than other homes in the area to give you more bargaining room.
    Fact: Most homes sell for a price that is comparable to similar homes in the area. Pricing too high causes the home to linger on the market or require multiple price cuts, reducing your ability to negotiate.

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