Selecting the Right Agent

Selecting the right agent is vital to a successful sale. Choosing the wrong agent can have several negative consequences, deterring your moving plans & costing you time and money.

  1. A skilled real estate agent will effectively market your home for maximum exposure and the highest obtainable value. Choosing an agent that lacks marketing expertise will lead to a delay in selling & moving.
  2. A knowledgeable agent is in tune with the real estate market. They will help you navigate your local market no matter its condition. An agent that lacks this knowledge will misguide you and lead to subpar outcomes hindering your ability to move forward with your plans.
  3. The best agents are skilled negotiators. Negotiations are the critical aspect to a successful sale and move. Agents lacking in negotiating skills end up with less than desirable deals, which could lead to your inability to afford your desired post sale residency.
  4. Effective agents are great communicators and responsive to everyone essential to the deal. Communication delays can result in lost buyers, prolonged listing time and extended move dates.
  5. Pricing is one of the key factors when it comes to attracting buyers to your home. A savvy agent prices your home according to the comparable sales in the area. Pricing a home correctly ensures a faster sale leading to a faster move.

To enhance your chances of a successful home sale, and proceed with your moving plans smoothly, consult with your Moving Station Personal Relocation Manager who can provide you with a no obligation real estate professional.

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