Seniors & Families FAQs

Who is Moving Station?

Communities nationwide trust Moving Station to help future residents sell their homes and move into communities with ease.

Since 1995, Moving Station has helped 90,000+ families improve their home sale experience and outcomes through our innovative real estate and relocation solutions.

What are the advantages of QuickBuy®?

  • Receive an immediate offer on your qualified home and close in as few as 14 days from acceptance.
  • Eliminate or reduce the time and expense of preparing the house for the market.
  • Save on carrying costs while the home is listed, such as utilities, insurance, and taxes.

What is a Personal Relocation Manager?

Moving Made Easy® has a dedicated team of Personal Relocation Managers who are carefully selected and trained to provide the highest level of advocacy and service. We work with you each step of the way and ensure the home sale and relocation process is as stress-free and seamless as possible.

What home sale programs are available?

As providers of effective solutions, Moving Made Easy® offers a home sale solution for every situation. Our services provide choices for the homeowner, from a traditional listing on the open market under our watchful eye to a quick and convenient cash offer solution.

Can Moving Made Easy® work with people who live out of state?

Yes! Moving Made Easy® services are available nationwide.

What services are available to me through Moving Made Easy®?

Moving Made Easy® provides unbiased guidance in making smart decisions about your relocation to save you time, money, and a great deal of unnecessary stress. We offer a dedicated Personal Relocation Manager who will provide expert, one-on-one guidance in selling your home, organizing, downsizing, and moving.


What does “qualified home” mean?

Some exceptions apply, for instance, if your home is already or recently listed for sale, a multi-family residence or a mobile home, it will not qualify. Contact your Personal Relocation Manager to see if your home qualifies for a QuickBuy® offer.

I already know a real estate agent, why should I use Moving Made Easy®?

Moving Station is not a real estate agency; we are a team of real estate advocates. Our sole focus is to benefit and represent homeowners. A Personal Relocation Manager, a real estate expert, develops a relationship with each homeowner to establish and manage expectations. We are your sounding board, addressing all concerns, directing each step, and guarding the home sale transaction.

We start the process by extensively researching your neighborhood real estate history. Then hand-select two top real estate agents based on their market performance for you to interview. Through careful management of the entire process, we help support you during the sale of your home for the best possible price in the best possible timeframe.

Is there a fee to get started?

There is no cost to consult with a Personal Relocation Manager or receive a QuickBuy® offer.

Why would I need assistance selecting a real estate agent?

Moving Made Easy® Personal Relocation Managers are real estate management experts that are independent of real estate brokerages. Personal Relocation Managers are free from conflicts of interest. We educate you throughout every step of the home sale process to help you make informed decisions. We are your sounding board addressing all concerns, directing each step, and guarding the home sale transaction.

How does Moving Made Easy® receive my contact information?

Your community partners with us to provide you with a qualified relocation resource. With your permission, the community will share basic contact information with us so a Personal Relocation Manager may contact you. We respect your privacy and will never sell, rent, lease or give away your information (name, address, email, etc.) to any third party.

I have lived in my home for many years. Where do I start?

Downsizing and moving a lifetime of belongings can feel overwhelming. Moving Made Easy® supports you through the relocation process so moving is easier than imagined.

What if I am not ready to move?

By talking with your Personal Relocation Manager today, you have time to learn about the relocation resources available to you when you are ready. You’ll have the opportunity to learn ideas about how you can start preparing your home for sale. Even if the move is a year away, we’re confident you’ll find a conversation with your Personal Relocation Manager helpful.

I certainly appreciate the persistence and dedication you and the Personal Relocation Manager offered every step of the way! Our successes are a perfect example of teamwork, where each side balances the other with help and support. All the best!

Director of Marketing
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