Our History

Since 1995, Moving Station has been helping individuals and families relocate with ease. Selling a home, downsizing, and organizing, and moving can feel overwhelming. Our mission is to make it easier.

We began by managing relocations for corporate executives and members of the military. We then recognized that seniors had a growing need for relocation services as they transitioned to senior living communities. Our professional and personal approach was an ideal fit. Moving Station has worked with more than 500 communities and helped more than 40,000 seniors relocate with ease.

In 2013, we developed the first national ibuying solution and today, Quick Buy Program™ remains the only instant-offer solution serving all 50 states.

Our unmatched expertise and customer service is evident in the testimonials we receive.


Our Approach

With pleasure, I welcome you to Moving Station!

As an innovative real estate and relocation company, we are honored to assist businesses and individuals transition their lives smoothly. Since 1995, we have successfully met the needs of thousands of residents by educating them regarding the move process and managing the sale of their home. Since a home is typically the largest emotional and financial investment for many folks, we take pride in serving as good stewards of the home sale process. Our goal is to pave the way for a smooth, efficient, and low-stress home transition.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us.

My Best,

Daniel B. Amdur, CEO

Our Services

Supporting the entire relocation process – from home sale, to organizing, to moving.

Providing unbiased expertise so individuals can make smart move-related decisions.

Ensuring a smooth transition by helping individuals plan and prepare for their move.


Our Care

Each family is partnered with one of our Personal Relocation Managers; these professionals are carefully selected and trained to provide the highest level of customer advocacy and service. With years of extensive experience, Personal Relocation Managers offer a wealth of knowledge, guidance, and comfort to help future residents navigate the intimidating move process.

With Moving Station, seniors are surrounded by a team of professionals who understand the unique subtleties of a later-life move. Personal Relocation Managers are the central point of contact and a guiding hand for seniors to hold throughout the entire process. They are relocation experts who serve as a source of advice and comfort to each incoming resident, minimizing anxiety by coordinating every detail to ensure a smooth transition.

Moving Station is a great partner in truly providing solutions and services to our future residents.

Regional Director of Sales
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