Winter Home Sales

You Don’t Have to Wait for Spring —

Buyers who are house hunting in the winter are more likely to “need” to move rather than “consider” a move. There is a substantial number of buyers who are always looking to purchase regardless of the calendar month. Home sale activity over the winter months between November and March will account for more than a third of all home sales nationally, though activity varies by state. For example, in Florida, February sees a lot of search traffic because it is warm outside.

Also, keep in mind that the longer you wait to sell your home, the more carrying costs such as taxes, insurance, and utilities you will incur. The best part about selling in the off-season months is that there is less competition.

Tips for Selling a Home in the Winter

1. Keep the home clean and bright — clean windows, open the drapes to allow light in, and keep exterior lights on at dusk

2. Request the Real Estate Agent provide “booties” for prospective buyers to protect floors and demonstrate pride of ownership

3. Feature an exterior photo display — the yard in summer, the garden in bloom, and a backyard party

4. Make the home warm and inviting — light LED candles, throw an afghan over a couch, and bake cookies for a welcoming aroma

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