Tips to Sell Your Home This Spring

Springtime is usually a time when home buying activity increases. However, this spring, the home sale process has changed amid COVID-19.

The good news is that online home showings are up. Homebuyers are still active, and demand is there. Virtual home tours and increased use of video is the new standard in today’s pandemic environment. Home sellers now exchange information, review market activity, and sign documents electronically. Vacant homes are getting more attention from prospective buyers. Buyers, in general, are making decisions faster, viewing only three houses on average, down from nine.

To help support your home sale in today’s evolving real estate market, your community offers Moving Made Easy®. With the Moving Made Easy® program, you receive the benefit of a Personal Relocation Manager, a professional relocation and real estate expert who provides guidance, information, and advocacy. Personal Relocation Managers will discuss with you how today’s COVID-19 environment has changed many real estate processes to ensure your safety and successful home sale.

Keep the momentum toward achieving your goals. If you haven’t already, tell your community, “I’d like a Personal Relocation Manager to call me,” so you can be confident in your home sale decisions.

Personal Relocation Manager Tips to Sell Your Home This Spring
  1. Insist on a high-quality video home tour
  2. Limit home sale visitors to serious buyers
  3. Remain off-site when your home is shown
  4. Consider moving first and selling your home vacant

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