Tips for a Successful Home Sale

Your home is one of your largest financial and emotional assets, and selling it can be stressful and complicated.

Developing a plan is a good rule of thumb to help you sell your home successfully. If it has been a while since you last sold a home, you might be surprised by how much real estate has evolved. The good news is that the basics have stayed the same, and your first step remains to understand your neighborhood’s current competitive environment. This knowledge will help you set a realistic timeline, determine a listing price, and define the specific home sale prep needed. Homebuyers are most aware of listings in their first two weeks, so you want to hit the market with your absolute best foot forward.

To sell your home with confidence and less stress, take advantage of the services available for home sale support. Be partnered with a home sale expert, a Personal Relocation Manager, who will research your home and provide two market analysis reports so you get a thorough understanding of the market and can make fully-informed decisions. Or, if you would like to skip getting your home market-ready and avoid having strangers walk through your home, you can inquire with your Personal Relocation Manager if your home qualifies for QuickBuy®, an immediate offer on qualified homes, closing in as few as 14 days. A quick, convenient, and safe home sale option.

4 Tips for a Successful Home Sale
  1. Set a realistic timeline
  2. Price your home correctly from the start
  3. Make an excellent first impression
  4. Highlight the home’s best features

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