The Key Factors When It Comes to Having a Move-In Ready Home

Last year it was enough for your home to be Market Ready, or cosmetically appealing to buyers. Now that the pace of the market is normalizing, homes must be Move in Ready to eliminate long market times and encourage the highest possible offers. Below are key factors when it comes to having a Move in Ready home.

  1. HVAC Systems (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning): Make sure these systems are fully operational. Have furnaces & ducts cleaned and make sure the air conditioning is working at its optimal level especially in warmer climates.
  2. Electrical Systems: There has been a tremendous increase in home electrical use and your electrical system should reflect this. If you have not done so, upgrade your electrical panel to ensure your home is compliant with your localities standards.
  3. Roof: Missing/weathered shingles, broken gutters, cracking or
    “alligatoring” are all signs of a roof in need of repair. A home inspection will reveal these defects to buyers, who will demand the roof be fixed or request a credit.
  4. Foundation: Interior & exterior wall cracking, bouncing floors and warped or cracking siding can all be signs of a foundation problem. Have your foundation evaluated by a professional and make the necessary repairs to avoid this becoming an issue that delays or stops the closing.
  5. Windows & Appliances: These are mentioned together because the mantra for both is the same… “energy efficiency”. Buyers are looking for the home that will save money throughout the year. A house with an energy efficient footprint will beat the one without every time.

Your Moving Station Personal Relocation Manager (PRM) can help you find the right help for tackling these home sale must-haves.

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