The Fear of Change

There are many changes we must make in life, but most are not as anxiety-producing as moving.

Couple that with moving from a cherished home into a retirement community and the stress level can be a “10”. Although this fear of a late life transition may be rational, let’s explore the common concerns and ways to move beyond them.

The most significant fear is the loss of independence. Moving to a retirement community may seem contrary to the “Master of my Domain” feeling owners have in their home.

Solution: The best way to overcome this fear is through research. Gather information about the different communities that interest you. Knowledge of the amenities, rules and atmosphere can alleviate some of the trepidation.

Many homeowners fear a change in their lifestyle. Although it is true that moving to a retirement community may require a lifestyle adjustment (downsizing, adapting to communal living), this does not have to be viewed as a negative.

Solution: Engage in community activities prior to moving into the community. Many senior living communities host events that allow you to meet new people and create a sense of belonging with current and future residents.

Much like the fears above, some retirees fear social isolation that stems from losing contact with family, neighborhood friends and social organizations & obligations they are accustomed to.

Solution: The best way to combat this fear is to Keep in Touch, or “KIT” as it is known today. This simply means maintaining contact with family and friends, or joining social environments where you can make new connections.  Many communities have amenities to encourage and accommodate visits with friends and activities that include family members.

There is also a tendency to associate senior living communities with declining health and dependency on others for care.

Solution: Focus on the positives like the mental, social, and physical activities offered by the community and enjoy the company of others in a similar stage of life. Healthcare providers and comprehensive services will ease your everyday living and you accept and appreciate that the maintenance and upkeep of homeownership are no longer your responsibility.

“Can I afford a residence in a senior living community?”  is a real concern for many. Financial considerations often keep retirees frozen in place or seeking answers from a variety of resources.

Solution:  The best way to overcome this fear is to gain understanding and with understanding, gain control over the financial aspects of living in a community. Seek out the support of those who specialize in senior home transitions. True experts are more than willing to provide guidance and emotional support throughout the process.

You have figured “why” you wish to move to a community; now let the expert advisors from Moving Station show you “how.” Connect directly with a Personal Relocation Manager for no cost, no-obligation advice, information, and advocacy, or ask your favorite community for more information about the Moving Made Easy® program.

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