One of Real Estate’s Hottest Trends Today: “Staging”

Staging is the act of styling a property to enhance its appeal to potential buyers.

Buyers are attracted to homes that look like their lifestyle, and although you can’t accommodate everyone’s lifestyle you can stage a property to fit the geographical area, composite makeup of the interested buyers, and the surrounding attractions of the area. For example, if your home is in a beachfront community it would be a bad idea to lay out a bear-skinned rug. Likewise, if the area is changing from an older population to young families lots of fragile glass keepsakes might not be the best choice for staging the home.

When staging your home for sale the main objectives are:

  1. To neutralize and declutter.
  2. To de-personalize the home so a buyer can visualize themselves in the home.
  3. To accentuate features that make your home unique (eat-in kitchen, fireplaces, skylights, etc.)
  4. Staging is not just limited to sights but also encompasses smells and sounds. Make sure the smells and sounds in your home are inviting to buyers.
  5. Don’t forget to stage the front door, entryway, and grounds, this is the first impression buyers have of your home. Many buyers drive by a home prior to making an appointment to view it.
  6. With modern technology “virtual staging” has become popular eliminating the need for renting furniture and accessories to stage a home.
  7. Generally, staged homes sell faster and for more money than competitive homes that are not staged.

Your local real estate professional can guide you through the staging process. Don’t have a real estate professional? Speak to a Personal Relocation Manager at Moving Station to connect you with a professional in your area.

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