Maintaining Realistic Expectations Week by Week When Listing Your Home

Everyone has high expectations. As a seller you want the maximum price with the least amount of market time. Below is a guide to help you maintain realistic expectations week by week when listing your home.

  1. The first week is like a first date, showcase your home’s positives. Buyers in your market all want to see the “new” home for sale and you should get plenty of interest. Make your home accessible and presentable.
  2. If you have not received an offer by the second week that is perfectly normal. Depending on your local market it may take several weeks to sell your home. Continue to keep your home orderly and accessible for showings. An unseen home is an unsold home.
  3. By week three, if your home is correctly priced and in good condition, buyers are typically making offers or requesting second showings. Prepare for inspections, negotiations, and the back and forth that comes with an accepted offer (your agent will act as a go between for most of this).
  4. You are in week four, interest has decreased and there is still no offer. Don’t panic, analyze! What has been the buyer’s feedback from showings and open houses. Now is the time to seriously consider with your agent a marketing or price adjustment to revive interest in your home.
  5. Five weeks without an offer? There are definite steps you can take. Temporarily take your home off the market to reset the “days on market” count. Discuss with your agent minor changes to your home to increase its appeal to buyers.

There is a lid for every pot and potentially a buyer for every home, it all starts with an agent experienced in your local market. Let the knowledgeable Personal Relocation Managers at Moving Station help you find the right agent for your home, with no cost or obligation.

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