I Should Have Moved Sooner

I should have moved sooner

“I should have moved sooner,” is a common phrase we often hear at Moving Station, after a new resident settles into their community.

Everyone’s situation is unique, and the right time to move into a community is a very personal decision. Some will delay the decision and think they are hanging onto their independence by staying in their home longer. However, research shows that when a senior decides to move into a community when they have a high level of emotional and physical stamina, they settle in quicker. Several benefits of moving sooner rather than later: developing friendships with other residents, qualifying for the health standards of a Life Plan community, enjoying onsite wellness programs, and being involved with the community at large.

Frequently cited obstacles to moving are downsizing and selling a home. Experience a smooth transition by utilizing the assistance of a Personal Relocation Manager, a benefit from your new community. Personal Relocation Managers guide you through the relocation process and help you make smart move-related decisions to save you time, money, and unnecessary stress.

4 Tips to Start You on Your Journey

1. Stay positive
2. Have a plan for your plan
3. Maintain meaningful links to your past
4. Be proactive to maintain a sense of control

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