5 Insights into Securing the Highest Price for Your Home

Homeowners often want assurance they will receive the best possible price for their home.

To achieve this, homeowners should have a trusted advisor that provides correct market information and honest feedback. Another step in the right direction is developing a home sale strategy that appeals to targeted buyers and continually adapts to real-time market conditions. The backbone of this strategy should originate by understanding the local market conditions presented in a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) report. Homeowners can request two independent real estate agents to provide CMA reports to start developing an understanding of the competitive landscape. Ideally, the CMAs are in the same format so that you can compared side by side. 

While a strategic plan is essential, ongoing management is also needed to ensure your home sells for the highest possible price in a timely fashion. Moving Made Easy® offers future residents a successful home marketing program, individually developed for each homeowner and managed by a dedicated Personal Relocation Manager (PRM). The PRM works in partnership with the homeowner to select the right real estate agent and supports each step in the process. Personal Relocation Managers, real estate experts, understand what it takes to improve the chances for gaining the best return on investment under any market conditions.

 5 Insights into Securing the Highest Price for Your Home
    1. Have a trusted advisor at your side to offer expert guidance 
    2. Study the recent home sales in your market
    3. Understand how your home compares to the competition
    4. Determine your home’s probable sales price
    5. Develop a pricing strategy

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