4 Tips to Price Your Home Correctly

A realistic and strategic approach to pricing a home is essential.

Homes priced right from the start attract more attention to sell faster and at the best price. It may be tempting to look at online guesstimates or compare your home to neighboring houses to determine the value; however, many variables contribute to pricing a home, including inside finishes, location, style of residence, and current supply and demand.

Keep in mind that just because a home is listed at a specific price doesn’t mean that it will sell at that price. An overpriced home will likely linger on the market and become stigmatized. With lingering listings, a prospective buyer and their agents think something is wrong with the property, and often the home will suffer a downward spiral of price reductions to attract a buyer. Most of the time, for less than if they had priced the home correctly, to begin with. When pricing your home, you need to have a very clear understanding of the recent sales in your neighborhood, along with the currently listed homes that will illustrate your competition and the future sales in the community. Remember, an agent must get the listing to earn a commission eventually, so often, they will tell the customer what they want to hear vs. giving their expert opinion. To have a successful home sale, you need first to find an agent who is active in your neighborhood, understands and cultivates the local buyers, uses the current marketing tools, and most importantly, you need to listen to their opinion of value and not try to persuade their opinion with your personal desire.

To avoid home sale missteps, benefit from the support, education, and advocacy of a dedicated Personal Relocation Manager. With this real estate advocate in your corner, you gain insights from three independent real estate experts who spend hours reviewing your home’s competitive market. Your Personal Relocation Manager will then discuss your home’s competitive landscape and advise you of your home’s most probable sale price. You’ll have everything you need to price the home with confidence. For qualified homes, you may also get an immediate offer for your home through our QuickBuy┬« program. No need to get your property market-ready, keep it clean for showings, just decide on the date you want to move and hand over the keys. The utmost in convenience.

To learn more, talk to your Personal Relocation Manager.

4 Tips to Price Your Home Correctly

1. Review current listings in your neighborhood
2. Research recently sold homes in your neighborhood
3. Study the competition through the eyes of a buyer
4. Price the house to gain buyers’ interest

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