4 Reasons to Love Personal Relocation Managers

Senior communities offer Moving Made Easy® services to support residents transition into their new home.

Moving Made Easy® services pair future residents with a dedicated Personal Relocation Manager to provide ongoing relocation education, support, and advocacy. Communities inform prospective residents that a Personal Relocation Manager will be calling them to discuss their unique relocation needs and to offer customized support. During the first phone call, a Personal Relocation Manager will convey to the future resident, “I hope to turn your nervousness into excitement,” as they specialize in minimizing anxiety. They understand the unique subtleties of a later-life move and the intricacies of selling a home.

Personal Relocation Managers help each resident develop a relocation timeline and then coordinate every detail to ensure a smooth transition.

4 Reasons to Love Personal Relocation Managers

1. Support your home sale to maximize the return
2. Provide rightsizing tips and tools to simplify the process
3. Develop timelines to keep your momentum going
4. Avoid surprises – provide ongoing insights for a smooth transition

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