Winter Home Sale Tips

Winter Home Sale Tips
The COVID-19 vaccine rollout and subsequent economic recovery are expected to lead to a robust real estate market in 2021.

Don’t Wait for Spring
Over the winter months between November and March, home sale activity will account for more than a third of all home sales nationally, though activity varies by region. There is a substantial number of buyers who are always looking to purchase regardless of the calendar month. Buyers who are house hunting in the winter are more likely to need to move rather than consider a move. The best part about selling in the off-season months is that there is less competition, and currently, many areas of the country have a limited inventory of homes for sale. Also, consider that homebuyers shop online from the comfort of their couch in today’s environment, so seasonality is becoming less of an issue.

Hire a Professional Photographer
Buyers today start their home search online, so high-quality photos and videos are crucial to making a positive first impression and generating interest. A professional photographer is highly recommended to take pictures of your home to highlight its best features.

Winter Home Sale Tips
Keep the home clean and bright — clean windows, open the drapes to allow light in, and keep exterior lights on at dusk. Request the real estate agent provide “booties” for prospective buyers to protect floors and demonstrate pride of ownership. Feature an exterior photo display — the yard in summer, the garden in bloom, and a backyard party. Make the home warm and inviting — light LED candles, throw an afghan over a couch, and bake cookies for a welcoming aroma.

Take Advantage of Home Sale Support
Your senior living community can help you navigate the home sale process with more confidence and less stress by connecting you with a dedicated Personal Relocation Manager. Your Personal Relocation Manager will provide a 360º Market Analysis Report compiled in partnership with real estate experts from your neighborhood. Your Personal Relocation Manager will review the information with you to educate you on your home’s most probable sales price, your local market conditions, and the current competitive landscape. You will be prepared to make fully-informed home sale decisions. You may also ask your Personal Relocation Manager if your home qualifies for a QuickBuy® immediate offer, which allows you to sell your home safely, bypassing showings and home sale preparations, and closing on your timeline, in as few as 14 days.

Contact Your Personal Relocation Manager

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