Tips to Downsize Using eBay

Sorting through your closets, drawers, and attic will likely yield small items that are ideal to sell on eBay.

As you sort through your belongings and decide what to take to your new home, you will have to figure out what to do with the items you will not keep.

Selling smaller items on eBay, or a similar online site, can be a great way to make money while you downsize. eBay is the most well-known online marketplace and may be ideal for selling small collectible items. Items sold on eBay are often smaller in size because the buyer usually pays for the cost of shipping.

To help make the choice that’s right for you, consider the pros and cons. Pros: You can earn money for items you no longer need. You can connect with a lot of potential buyers due to the popularity of these websites. Cons: Posting items online can be time-consuming — you must take high-quality photos, price items, write detailed descriptions, and answer questions from potential buyers. In addition, eBay charges fees.

Best advice? Start by selling a few items. If you are pleased with the results, you can gradually add more items to your listings.

Tips for selling small items online:
  1. Use plain white poster board as a background for photos
  2. Research pricing of similar items to determine the price
  3. Edit and proofread descriptions
  4. Weigh items to determine shipping costs



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