QuickBuy for Brokers

Generate leads with your own “immediate offer” program.

The QuickBuy® program is available nationwide and has supported local agents since 2012.

Consumers are looking for home sale options that offer —
certainty, speed, safety, and convenience.

Traditional Home Sale

Traditional Home Sale

Use your market knowledge and professional guidance to list the home.

QuickBuy Your Immediate Home Sale Solution

Present an immediate offer on a qualified home, close on their timeline, in as few as 14 days.

QuickBuy Lock

QuickBuy® Lock

List a home for up to 150 days with the certainty of an offer in hand.

QuickBuy® provides Home Sale Solutions so you can add choices under your brand.

Offer your home sale solution for all situations.

QuickBuy Real Estate Agent
Add QuickBuy® to your presentations:
  • Drive leads and maintain control of your clients
  • Preserve your full commissions
  • QuickBuy® supports agents and keeps your sign in the yard
  • Build your brand and attract agents
In 2012, Moving Station developed the first national iBuying solution.

Today, QuickBuy® remains the only instant-offer solution serving all 50 states. Unlike internet buyers, QuickBuy® is a B2B program that keeps the agent in front of the seller and your sign in the yard.

QuickBuy Home Sale Solutions
  • Real estate is evolving; your business needs to evolve with it. Contact us today to learn more!
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