Community FAQs

What services are available through Moving Station?

Moving Station provides unbiased guidance in making smart decisions about relocation to save prospective residents and depositors time, money, and a great deal of unnecessary stress. We offer a dedicated Personal Relocation Manager to provide personal attention and expertise in selling their home, organizing and downsizing, and moving.

What is a Personal Relocation Manager?

Moving Station has a dedicated team of Personal Relocation Managers who are carefully selected and trained to provide prospective residents and depositors the highest level of advocacy and service. We work with the senior each step of the way to ensure the moving process is as stress-free and seamless as possible. We educate the senior to be a smart consumer of move-related services including: selling a home, organizing and downsizing, and moving.

If a prospective resident already knows a real estate agent, why should they use Moving Made Easy®?

Moving Station –is not a real estate brokerage; we are real estate advocates. The sole focus of Moving Made Easy® is to benefit and represent senior homeowners. A Personal Relocation Manager, a real estate specialist, develops a relationship with each homeowner to establish and manage realistic expectations. We are their sounding board addressing all concerns, directing each step, and guarding the home sale transaction.

We start the process by extensively researching their neighborhood real estate history to hand-select two top real estate agents for them to interview. Through careful management of the entire process, we help the senior and the real estate agent manage the home sale for the best possible price in the best possible timeframe.

 All decisions lie with the homeowners, we simply provide expert guidance each step of the way.

Why would a senior need assistance selecting and managing a real estate agent?

Moving Station Personal Relocation Managers are real estate management experts that are independent of real estate brokerages. Personal Relocation Managers are free from conflict of interest to protect seniors from hidden agendas and unnecessary fees. We educate the senior by providing knowledge, facts, and insight so they can make educated decisions.

 All decisions lie with the homeowners, we simply provide expert guidance each step of the way.

What does Moving Station do with the prospective resident’s contact information?

A Personal Relocation Manager will contact the senior promptly to understand their unique relocation timeline and needs. The Personal Relocation Manager becomes their advocate to help guide them in making smart decisions to save time, money, and a great deal of unnecessary stress.

In addition, it provides you and your community with an additional resource so you can focus your efforts elsewhere while we help the senior transition into your community.

What if the prospective resident or depositor is not ready to move?

By talking with a Personal Relocation Manager, the senior will learn about the resources available to them when they are ready. Also, they’ll have the opportunity to learn ideas about how they can start preparing their home for sale. Even if the move is a year away, we’re confident they’ll find a conversation with a Personal Relocation Manager helpful.

Who is Moving Station?

Moving Station, the trusted source in senior relocation, helps families transition to senior communities. Since 1995, our home sale and relocation solutions have facilitated 40,000+ successful senior relocations.

Nationwide, communities partner with Moving Station to provide prospective residents and depositors guidance as they transition homes. Previously, this level of support was offered exclusively to corporate employees and military members.

What home sale programs are available?

As providers of effective solutions, Moving Station offers home sale solutions to meet every need. Our services provide choice for the senior homeowner – from listing on the open market under our watchful eye to a fast closing solution.

Can Moving Station work with people who live out of state?

Yes! Moving Station services are available nationwide.

We attended Moving Station seminars on how to downsize our ‘stuff’ accumulated from 36 years of living in our house. The task appeared formidable and overwhelming. Our Personal Relocation Manager at Moving Station helped us prioritize and develop a comprehensive and sound game plan. There were great suggestions on how to downsize and how to make decisions on what to keep and what to donate or gift to friends and relatives. They were a godsend to our moving experience, and we highly recommend Moving Station services when undertaking any major move.

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