Managing the Stress of Moving

It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you’re moving to, or why you’re moving – there may be some stressful days. We look forward to the day that we can throw away the moving boxes at our new home, but there are many steps that must be taken between planning the move and completing the move.

These helpful tips below will provide guidance on how to manage the stress of moving and keep yourself sane throughout the process!

  • Plan Ahead and Start Early
    • This is undoubtedly the most important tip – give yourself as much time as possible to plan, pack, and execute your move. You can always slow down your moving process, but it’s very difficult to speed it up. 6 months may seem like plenty of time, but you have other life obligations outside of moving, and unexpected things can occur. Give yourself as much “runway space” to dedicate to your move to avoid being stressed at the last minute.
  • Maintain an Inventory
    • The first step in creating a move plan is identifying what you already have. This inventory should include things you want to bring with you to your new home, things you want to donate, give to family, throw away, sell, or otherwise. You don’t necessarily need to categorize your items just yet but be sure to include as much as possible in the inventory to have an accurate picture of what you have.
    • Don’t be afraid to group some things together to save time and stress. Simply writing “utensils” is sufficient, as opposed to counting each individual piece of silverware you have. If keeping a specific count of items makes you more comfortable, then go for it! But don’t overwhelm yourself with counting every single individual item in your home.
  • Keep a Folder of Documents and Important Information
    • Maintain a filing cabinet or system of filing folders to keep track of everything you are doing and the papers you have received. Some important things to keep on file include, but are not limited to:
      • Inventory of Items
      • Important information from your community
      • Your Personal Relocation Manager’s information
      • Moving companies that you have spoken to, including their estimates
      • Information from real estate agents
      • Scheduling information for move-in day
      • Contact information of everyone you have spoken to, with notes
        • Who are they?
        • What service do they provide?
        • When did you speak to them?
  • Pack / Downsize in Small Increments
    • This piece of advice goes hand in hand with “Start Early”. It is significantly easier to declutter and downsize in short bursts – 30 minutes a day – rather than trying to do everything two weeks before you move. Spreading out your workload will do wonders to help you manage your stress.
  • Designate a “Sanctuary Room” or Two
    • Pick a room or area of your home that can be your sanctuary room away from the clutter and supplies that come from moving and downsizing. Maybe that’s your bedroom, living room, or patio – whatever room you enjoy spending time in the most.
    • Keeping at least one room clean and orderly gives you time to decompress and remove the visual reminders of moving. Take time to yourself in this room to rest and forget about moving for a while.
  • Ask For Help
    • Your community has partnered with Moving Station for a reason – to help! Your Personal Relocation Manager has the resources to provide you with professional assistance in your area, from downsizers, estate sale companies, packers, and movers. We’re here to help and we enjoy what we do! No question is too small to ask or a problem too big to solve – just call!
  • REST!
    • This final tip cannot be overstated. Resting, eating well, and dedicating time to your family, yourself, and hobbies is critical to reducing stress during this process. You may be moving, but you still have a life to live! Don’t let this consume your life to the point where you cannot think about anything else.
    • By utilizing the tips above, you give yourself more time and flexibility to get proper rest, and focus on other things in your busy life.

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