Home Selling Tips for the Interior

Create a Positive Impression —

First impressions are often the most memorable. Buyers who are house hunting are likely to be captivated by a home that is intuitively inviting. It’s essential to create a positive impression when a potential buyer steps into your house. The value of a clean, spacious, and polished house cannot be underestimated when it comes to obtaining a strong offer and achieving a faster sale.

Also, keep in mind that odors linger. Your home may seem scent-free, but others pick up on last week’s curry or last night’s garlic bread. Open windows to bring in fresh air, wash linens to remove odors, and for a homey feel, bake fresh cookies or warm up a can of apple pie filling in the oven.

Tips for the Interior

1. Keep the kitchen clear of clutter — minimize items on countertops, deep clean kitchen appliances, and wash cabinets inside and out

2. Replace lights with the highest wattage bulb safe for the fixture to keep the home light and bright

3. Highlight a lifestyle — showcase the fireplace, sunroom, or other favorite feature that you enjoyed

4. Prepare for everything to be opened — reduce the number of items in cabinets, have half-empty closets, and clean every nook and cranny in the bathroom.

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