4 Tips for Determining Your Home’s List Price

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A trusted real estate advisor will offer valuable insights to marketing your home to get the highest price in today’s market.

First, they will help you understand your “most probable sales price,” which is the price your home should bring in today’s competitive real estate market. You might be tempted to start with an online price estimate instead of meeting with an agent, but keep in mind that online tools are often inaccurate and are merely that —estimates. Your local real estate expert knows more about the market and your neighborhood and will apply that knowledge to develop the most accurate price expectations to best position your home to sell.

Once you understand your most probable sales price, your next step is to understand your local market conditions and the competitive landscape. This will help determine the “list price.” The list price should appeal to targeted buyers, and the price may change as you and your agent adjust to real-time market conditions. Your home sale pricing strategy may require ongoing management to ensure your home sells for the highest possible price in a timely fashion.

Your senior living community can help you navigate this entire home sale process with more confidence and less stress. They will connect you with a Personal Relocation Manager to support your home sale efforts. The Personal Relocation Manager will provide a 360º market analysis report compiled by independent real estate experts. They will review the report with you and educate you on your home’s most probable sales price, your local market conditions, and the current competitive landscape. You will be prepared to make fully-informed decisions that best suit your unique home sale needs. You can also ask your Personal Relocation Manager to see if your home qualifies for QuickBuy®, an immediate offer that allows you to sell your home safely, bypassing showings and home sale preparations, and closing on your timeline, in as few as 14 days.

4 Tips for Determining Your Home’s List Price

1. Partner with a real estate expert
2. Learn your home’s most probable sales price
3. Understand the current competitive landscape
4. Develop a pricing strategy

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